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The Pride of Russian Cosmetology
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Sensation discover by Russian physicists: now all skin problems – from acne to aging – can be solved quickly, effectively and safely.

AQUAPOWDER Satin Skin a totally unique substance, there is nothing else like it in the entire world. And only on our site you can obtain all necessary information and place an order from the convenience of your own home.

Атласная Кожа

General sanitary prophylactic and cosmetic remedy for regular care of skin and hair.

Consists of unique composition of rare natural minerals of volcanic origin, mountain clay, natural salts of sodium and copper ...

Provides for deep cleansing of the skin, hygiene of sebaceous and sweat glands

Regenerates the natural property of the skin to retain moisture. Softens the skin, enhances its elasticity. Prevents wrinkle formation.

Rejuvenates and renews the skin. Accelerates the removal of dead skin. (Replacement for scrubs, peeling, complex cosmetic procedures.)

Eliminates unpleasant odours.

Provides for bactericidal effect, increases resistance to viruses, bacteria and fungi. Nourishes the body with copper. (Early grey hair is the evidence of insufficient copper content in the organism.)

Eliminates dandruff, itching, makes the hair stronger.

Removes wastes from the body, nourishes organism with micro-elements.

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